Book Review: Keepers of Kaalchakra

Keepers of the Kalachakra is a historical, mythological, science-fiction thriller which revolves around an ancient concept of Buddhism. The plot stretches far and wide. So far and so wide, that one gets a feeling of being lost in a desert of words.

The frequent changes in the timeline and locations of the narratives make the book all the more confusing and absolutely boring.

The writing makes use of many mystical concepts, scientific theorems & researches, historical incidents and, conspiracy theories which the writer weaves in unnecessarily with the story. This makes the book overtly informative and often it feels like it has slipped from the plot.

The worst part of the book is its characters. All the characters are just so complex and towards the end, some characters are made to look absolutely stupid and out of their character. The character introduction is too long and broken into too many parts too many times. The Islamist character of Masoud was the most boring of all and i found myself skipping the pages when the writer talked about him. It wasn’t clear till the end who the real protagonist was. The only likable character for me was sage Brahmananda, as he spoke the least but spoke all sense, while Mikhail a Russian character, talks so much that it reminds one of the university days, when there arrived a professor, and majority of the class would murmur under their breaths, ‘oh get ready to get brain-fried.’

The entire book is an overload and overdose of information. So much so that it feels like a gassy mind, just like a gassy stomach when eaten too much of anything good or bad.

The book could have been more concise in terms of pages. The overload of information could have been edited to cut down at least 150 pages.The book seemed like it was treated like a dumping ground, for all the research the writer has undertaken to help him write it. It felt like Ashwin Sanghi was overwhelmed with his own research, and instead of weaving a neat plot around it, he just emptied it out for the readers. It gives out a mixed and confused notion about the writers intention. Was he churning out an interesting read, or merely riding on the over confidence, his publishers have instilled in him, because of his previous works.

After reading the first few pages it did feel like Ashwin Sanghi has been greatly influenced by Dan Brown, but down the several pages, one gets to know the intellectual levels and the level of the art of story narration of the two. Ashwin Sanghi is just another hamming artist who strives to be the original but is millions of galaxies away from the original.

The whole read was like a C-Grade Bollywood flick, that was promoted till the pinnacle but was totally empty inside. A classic case of beautiful packaging with substandard stuff within. This was the first time for me to read Ashwin Sanghi, and i must say i got swayed by his previous reviews of books, and this one came to me as a present from one of my favorite writers, and so i started to read it, without reading the positive or critical reviews about it online, so as to not polarise my thoughts and give the book a fair read, without being influenced.

I must conclude, saying this- that i would never ever read any of Ashwin Sanghis books though The’ Krishna Key is also a part of my present.

I do not wish to be one in “ a million copies sold” band wagon.
Both my books are up for donation if anyone would like to have them.!


Candy Currency

Are you aware of a new kind of currency that has been circulating in the economy? Am sure everyone has dealt with this but innocently and without much thought.

Often, and I bet everyone who is reading this, will have faced this exchange of Faleros or Coffee Bite or any kind of similar candies in return for 1 rupee change or sometimes even for 5 or 10.

I have raised my eyebrows and chuckled at the thought of getting 2 Perks or 2 KitKats in lieu of 10 rupees, which is rightfully what I should get. Currency not candies and chocolates! I have always refused politely for this kind of barter exchange, for two reasons –  Firstly, Candies is not our official currency. Secondly, The same will not be accepted from me. If I know the shop and its keeper, I have obliged for Band Aids instead of candies, for one reason that Band-aids hold more value than candies.

I have used them in times of necessity and they have proven helpful, and now after many months or rather years, funnily enough yet resourceful am ever ready with a stock of Band Aids in my wallet when anyone is in due need. What good do candies do anyway? They would only end up spoiling teeth or increase sugar for me or the people I would share them with.

Coming back to the Band Aids, I have at present 33 Band Aids in my wallet and my dresser drawer, from the past one month. That would make it 396 Band Aids on an average in a year and 23,760 in 5 years! Now the question that arises in my mind is – Am I really going to need 264 Band Aids in a year? And what happens to the 23,760 in 5 years, will they be used, or will they be redundant? AND here we are talking about 23,760 rupees, this if I would invest in a FD and calculate the interest, it would be in my personal gain and add up to the GNP.

And this is only me. It baffles me when I plod more into the logistics of the economics of this, so called hidden and illegal Barter for proper change. Barter is only fair if it is both ways.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t only happen in India, but this has been a situation in Italy prior to the formation of the EU and it is rampant in the most third world or developing countries. What are we as a nation? A third world country definitely not. And, are we a developing country or a developed nation? We have surprised the world with our Mangalyaan, and for us this a small problem to tackle yet we choose to neglect because it ain’t intellectual enough!

If I can economically spend some thoughts on this “CANDY CURRENCY” (₡) and its possible outcomes, it makes me laugh and yet ponder. This is actually hidden currency making rounds in our economy. A part of our GNP. Something that determines the worth and the economic state of our country.

If I were to keep a glass jar and meticulously collect this till I collect 500 rupees worth of it and hand it over to the same shop which has doled me out the candies, will I be allowed to buy products worth 500 rupees, from the same shop, that has been handing me the so blaze?! When the shopkeeper hands out a candy to me he is so natural in his mannerism of exchange, will he be of the same attitude and exercise graciousness, in accepting my ? Which has been my booty, thanks to his courtesy and my obliging!

So, to conclude, can I say that in the broader picture, like we all save our small currencies in a piggy bank and then put a substantial amount in the bank, will the banks accept the , since it has been a part of our money exchange policy in our economy.
Frankly, it might even solve the problem of changing our currency from time to time to tackle demonetization. All we have to do is identify Amul, Parle G or Cadbury as our official mints!

Imagine for the first time our currency could have flavors, strawberry, blueberry, mango, chocolate!

As it is the world is turning sour, with money matters, wars being fought over making their individual currency powerful to regain power over the world trade, and ultimately helping to play a disgusting, Game of Thrones…
It would be refreshing to have flavored currency.!


Whence thinketh poetry and prose
Thence whose name arose
There ist but one king
Shakespeare rules the ring
Readers go gaga
Over his overrated saga
Thou preposterous being
Understand art thou seeing
Romeo Juliet, McBeth Othello
Nothing great but over burnt marsh mellow
O’er wrought thou rapture
Thy imagination thou capture
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet…”
Thence why O why thy world
Go so overboard and tweet
Love, Like, Appreciate, Inherit
Nothing’s in a name
Work of art is merit
Accolade is the fame.


War is Everywhere

War is everywhere
A battlefield in every mind
People killing people
For reasons futile

Nations screaming for peace
In the name of humanity
A farce tailored so well
Like a devil in an angel’s disguise

Single grain of rice
A glass of water clean
Pure air to breathe
All seems like a distant dream

Nature’s fury
Mother earth lost all glory
What was once green
Now stands barren

Blame it on humans
bureaucrats they call this creed
Every continent has them
Power hungry and greedy for money

A dream occurs almost every night
That leaves me uneasy
I see in it faces helpless
Eyes devoid of tears

An unseen force deep within
Shakes my conscious Jolts my soul
Burns a hole in my brain
Reminds me of a life in birth previous
Of the day I picked up the gun.